THE YAAN : Come. Sit awhile on the eBENCH with me. I am on a countdown here. A personal countdown. Next Sunday, I will be 25 years clean and sober, all being well. Not everyone knows what that means but many of us do. The week leading into that day calls for reflection and some real decent bench sitting and ‘thinking it over’.

By seeming chance, I was contacted by a photographer last week who asked if she could do a sitting with me this coming Thursday. RUTH FAHEY  A local Urunga girl. I said YES. I didn’t say why. I was 37 when I got clean. Now I am 62. A day of photos looks a good thing to me.  Specially since I will have my niece and daughter and grand daughter here on that day as well. My niece is coming all the way from Newcastle on the train to clean mu house for me. Her mother was my only sister. She had impeccable taste. My niece and my daughter are like twins. On the Saturday Night, all being as I expect it to be, I will do the Bellingen meeting of Narcotics Anonymous and then go to the Bellingen Golf Club for Izzy’s first gig with the HONKY TONK WOMAN AND HER BIG, BAD, HANDSOME MEN. Sunday – the plan is the A.A. meeting at North Beach. That’s the outline. The details will fill themselves in.

This morning, I was in a room at North Beach, a  book exchange. A young man came in and talked a little and then tears came to his eyes and he sat down on the lounge. He’s in rehab and his world must look as if it has just ended. Could be that it has just begun.