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THE YAAN: 250 WORDS A DAY TILL SUNDAY AUGUST 12 2012. A quiet celebration of my own. 25 years clean and sober. Yesterday a Staffy came visiting in the early morning mists. Came right in and made himself at home. An old Staffy with white in his whiskers. One of Odin’s mob, methinks. The big, blunt, square head and powerful shoulders. Odin was the dog we got for Jim after his little Mort was hit by a red car out on South Arm Road and killed in 1995. We got him from Fernmount – the runt of the litter. It took us 2 days for Jim to choose the one he wanted. That dog wove his way through our lives when I came home from the City at 7 years of recovery. For me, there was something solid and devoted and steadfast about Odin,”protector of women and children”.

That’s how I wanted my recovery to be. Steadfast and sure. With white whiskers. The Staffy who came yesterday just stayed for a while and then went off down the back paddock. We left Odin behind with Brad in the Rainbow House when we went North in 2001. They loved each other but Brad said that Odie often took off, looking for Jim. He would find the houses and flats where they had lived. Sometimes it was years after we had left.

I don’t know what happened to our Odin but yesterday’s steadfast little fella reminded me of times I don’t always think about. The mansion at Buffer Creek and the AFrame on South Arm and my son walking his dog through 100s acres of bush and showing me sugar gliders and how to throw a star knife.

It hasn’t been an easy 25 years and I haven’t shone very brightly in the outside world but I have been a drug free mother and grandmother. And we have had dogs.

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