THE YAAN : So, 25 years ago on this day I had two sick little children going into hospital for ear surgery. I had a heroin habit, alcohol addiction , pills and other chemical dependencies and I was stark, raving mad.  I lived out in the  Valleys in a collapsing marriage with violence and savagery all about. 

Today, I was setting up a swing made from an old tyre that we gathered up on the weekend Council Cleanup day. I live in a peaceful and safe environment. In my side yard, is the frame of an old swing set. It’s stood there for the two years that I have lived  here. Stood there without anything to swing on. Now I have the tyre ready for my grand daughter tomorrow.  I like the old green frame because it looks like AA to me. I can see it from all my side windows.

25 years ago, I took a train from Urunga Railway station. On my 9th wedding anniversary. Left my kids and family and everything I had ever known and went South on a promise from the baddest man I had ever known that he  would ‘ lead me by my little hand to safety’. And he did.

Today, I was in Urunga at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting of four women. All mothers. All drug free.

If the swing were just a little bigger – well, if it were a lot bigger, I would sit on it and lie back and swing and smile  Lucky woman, eh?

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