THE YAAN :  Today, is the 30th birthday of my son’s young lady. They are way down South and we didn’t get to see them but I have shared a lot of birthdays with her over the last decade.

Today, my daughter and her daughter had their hair cut. It was the first for the Cheery Redhead and she loved it. I took her to the Museum across the  street while her Mum had hers done and met a friend from many years ago. His brother who was our friend, was found dead in the local hotel 25 years ago – drugged and abandoned, just after I got clean and sober. His brother-in-law was was found dead beside the road on a New Year’s Eve.  Hit by a car. That’s the world I left in 1987. We talked for a long time and wandered around Maam Gaduying Park before lunch at the Tavern.

Then we came on home and played a while on the tyre swing. I value the ordinary days of my life. They are extraordinary.

Today the second daughter of my sister came in on the 3.40 p.m. train. From Newcastle. Its been 1 1/2 years since her mother left us. We met her at Urunga Station where so many of us have farewelled and greeted one another over the years. Its just a little station. Its ugly now, too. They pulled down the old one years back. It had character and a stationmaster, The station they have put there now is ugly but its ours. 

And my niece came in on the train.

Then we shopped in the town that used to be her town and made pizza and laughed and talked and when they went home to the Shack, I cried a little for my sister.  And just a little for all of us. 

They grew up like twins, her girl and mine. Twin Cousins.

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