THE YAAN : I didn’t get out and about today. A lot of my personal every day life is centred around being a little bit unwell and taking to my bed. As it turned out, I didn’t see another person all day. We have an afternoon storm and lightning now and Izzy is home from his day job. I didn’t even get into town where I could snap some pics of people taken unawares as they went about their own everyday lives. Then I came across a post by my friend MEZZA who lives in my hometown and I was thinking over the weekly challenge which pointed out that what is ordinary for one person or place might well be extraordinary for another and decided to take a look through my shoebox of BENCH pictures and find ones of people ‘caught unawares’ as they go about their ordinary every day lives.



stilt 091

We seem to have a lot of markets and festivals in this area. Urunga’s annual one is called TOAST URUNGA and only costs a gold coin to enter. It probably quadruples the town’s population for one Sunday a year. This year the lad was there on his stilts and I stopped for a moment to look but was almost skittled by the young girl on a mission.

We took a trip south to Macksville, a couple of weekends ago and stopped for a while beside the river. I used to fish a lot but I don’t do so now.

I reckon this lady knew just what she was doing. She holds the rod with the ease of the local fisherwoman. I was like that.

047 060

Summertime, we go to the pool and often meet up with other families and kids and eat hot chips from the Kiosk. 11 minutes – that’s what it takes to make the hot chips.

Up the road in Church Street is the Café known as No. 5.

No 5 is a music venue. It seems that Urban Hillbilly is very much in fashion at the moment.

stop 070
Part of everyday life round here is ROADWORKS and that includes STOP/GO men. Modern technology, eh?

Further up the Highway at Ulmarra, we did a gig as a favour for an old gentleman and I grabbed this shot of 2 of the musos who had come down from the North. I don’t know the saxophonist  but that’s Phil Eizenberg with the hat on.

church 180
I’m leaving it there for the night. Watching a grandfather attending to his grandchild and considering a sea plane landing outside a motel where I was staying in Port Macquarie, Eevery day Life.

2 thoughts on “EVERYDAY LIFE PART 5”

  1. I do hope you are feeling well again soon Lynne. I am also very glad to have inspired you to hit the shoe box of images. They are superb captures of the everyday life and times of so many. Very excellent indeed.

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