56 7 @the show 1956

I had a childhood embedded and secured in traditions that developed in our family. One of them was the Easter Show. We lived out in the Western Suburbs at Belmore and once a year, at Easter time, we drove in our covered ute across to Randwick in the East for a day at the Royal Agricultural Show.  Dressed in our very best and ready for an entire day out.

The Easter Show meant fine old buildings and farm animals. It meant showbags and excitement and celebration. Rows and rows of cars were parked on the grass and we lined up in long queues to get in.Through turnstiles. I found turnstiles very thrilling. And then inside, it all began. Fairy floss and clowns and toilets overflowing with water. Music and people yelling. It was a very wonderful place, so it was. THE SYDNEY EASTER ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW.


Michael Berrell: I visited the Easter Show with my parents 1978 thru 1982. We always went on the Easter Saturday. I used to have nightmares after visiting the Police Exhibition. They always had photos of crime scenes including some grisly murders and one year a mummified hand of someone who was lost in the desert. It was always in a caravan with a blue light on top. Loved the toffee apples (always used to throw away the apple after licking off the toffee) and even though I was and am chronically afraid of heights used to ride the flying fox from one end of the show to the other.