I shall soon be heading into tricky territory. Up till this point , my brother has carefully catalogued all the images in his accurate and detailed way. Soon we enter the wilderness of my memory combined with a large mass of unsorted pictures. 1959 – I don’t appear so often. Susan and Jon do and the Bell cousins make an appearance with our Nana. The Bells went to live in the USA for a time. On Long Island, thereby becoming family legends of mystery and magic. There were 6 Bells. That’s because Auntie Nita was a Catholic and we ALL knew that Catholics were a little more frivolous than we Methodists and Presbyterians, even when it came to the numbers of offspring.

My cousin, Margaret Bell Lopez, tells me of a saying of her mother’s, the said Nita Savage Bell. I never get it quite right but I truly love it.

It goes something like this and maybe Marg will correct if for me.

“Come in. Sit down. Put that handbag down and stop standing there like a Protestant.”