I got that one wrong. 1960 has a mass of images and I have posted them in slideshow because it seems to have been a year with some variations on the usual routine thrubbing of my childhood.

For some misguided reason we took our annual holidays in Harrington instead of Urunga. It was generally thought to be not a successful change and we didn’t repeat that mistake in later years. Not at all. I do remember being out in the water with Susan and staying longer than we were meant to but delighting in the freedom and the sand and sun and salt.

It was also the year that too Dad to Canberra on a building project leaving us in Belmore with Mum. I remember finding a letter in the bedside tables he had made for them. He missed us all and arranged for us to come to Canberra and stay in a cabin on Black Mountain rather than be separated.

I think that would be the first year that I saw snow. It was also the year that I was IQ tested and on being found to have a ” high intelligence” was sent to a special school. It meant leaving Belmore North Public which was just up the street from our house and going to Enfield to the Opportunity Classes. That involved a bus trip. It was a very isolating experience for me. We were definitely seen as oddballs. The other class there was what they call the OM classes for people with ” low intelligence”. The two lots of us were on the local school grounds and we were outsiders.

It also seems to be the year that we went to Queensland for the first time. Perhaps Dad had changed jobs and there was a building project up there as well. I am not sure now but we surely did some travelling.

In the background were the cousins and aunts and uncles and Nana. I wonder when my Poppa died. It was somewhere round this time as well.

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