At the end of 1970. The Dept of Education transferred me out of Tumbarumba and into Queanbeyan South which is the offspring of our Capital City of Canberra. Still drowning myself in bottles of alcohol and still teaching infant children, I began a lonely and isolated life in a brick flat.

One day 2 motor bikes rode into said lonely and isolated life. One carried a College friend, the exquisitely beautiful Lesley Juknaitis riding behind an real live American by the name of Richard. T he second bike carried an hyphenated Englishman by the name of Hilary Eastwick-Field, who took a shine to me and stayed.

We had some wonderful adventures. We explored the countryside and made love and took a lot of photos. Hilary was a photographer and a most interesting man. By Term 3 I had transferred back to Sydney to teach at Lakemba School. Hilary remains one of the serious love affairs of my life. My sister was with Tony Dewberry who had been conscripted into the Army under the barbarous procedures of the time.

I Have photos of 1971 due to having excellent camera gear via Hilary. Somewhere, there is a pic of me at Queanbeyan South School, I may well find it but for now I have the shots of Hilary and me round and about Canberra.

We all lived at 27 Paxton Avenue in Belmore with Mum and Dad. Some of my favourite images are of the look of appalled shock on the face of the American Richard who was straight from the Hippy World of San Fransisco when he encountered a true Australian Suburban House with home cooked meals. I like the delighted smiles on the faces of my Mum and my Brother. Our worlds were fairly limited in Belmore.

Hilary used to say to me ” Hark at you. ” It began my love affair with the male English Accent.