1973 – well there you go. I had dropped out of teaching and out of most things in fact. I was living with Tony Bahles in Drummoyne, Chiswick and then Balmain. Sex and Drugs and a little bit of rock n roll. Not much for me really. I did go and see Jethro Tull and Joe Cocker but my obsessions were primarily the first two. In 1973 my niece, Josefine was born and Tony and I took off for Far North Queensland in a mini-moke. With a blue tent. We made it to 4 Mile Beach in Port Douglas and stayed quite a time. I loved it there. I was truly happy – barefooted and wild with salt and fishing and the luxuriant tropical life. I learned to not scratch the first itch. I have never forgotten that and it has served me well.

We sailed South on a ketch made from Huon Pine. The UTIEKAH III. I put the photos in unedited because they were only recently restored to me as old slides from my in-laws who had them tucked away someplace safe.

At the end of the wharf in Port Douglas was a restaurant owned by a camp guy called Ivan. He made sauces for steaks which I can still taste till this day. Marvellous things they were.

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3 thoughts on “1973 – FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND”

  1. lynne,

    great lot of stories you are watching.

    one of my teachers here at JCU is Professor Rosita Henry – an anthropologist and a bit of a hippy as well.

    she has written a marvellour book about Kuranda, Cairns and stories of the indigenous people, hippie invasions, and the power of the state when in comes to a “sense of place”. I never knew it, but we live in Holloways Beach which was evidently a transfer-station if you like, for hippies heading either further up the coast or up to Kuranda and the highlands. I am sure this would cover the period you talk about.

    have attached a photo of the book cover……i am not sure that many local libraries would have it, but you should be able to get your local library to inter library borrow it. JCU Library has a copy for sure.

    I tried to put a copy of wordpress but couldnt work out how to – hence this email.

    all the best keith [cid:c50f7197-e70c-4a18-9843-efc42d2270b5]


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