Now, perhaps, I have reached the years I was dreading, the ones without images to recall the times to mind. I simply haven’t located a 1976 photograph and I guess there will be more of them to come. Tony hd gone back to Sydney and I had taken up with a very young man by the name of Tad. We lived on Yellow Rock Road and then at Gundamain Caravan Park. There was a lot of alcohol and a lot of drugs. Some people have told me tales of those times. Of 4 up on motorbikes and wildnesses. My sister was working at Urunga Golf Club as a waitress and i worked as nothing. I know I ate a whole pack of drugs sent to me from Sydney and near died and I know I lay down on the Railway Bridge for the night but my sister came along in the morning and told me there had been a train strike so I didn’t perish.

Overproof rum and hard drugs. I don’t suppose that was the “all of it ” in 1976 but it was certainly a lot of it.