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Today was Melbourne Cup Day in Australia. That’s a very BIG DAY out here. Not for me so much – but they do call it ‘ the race that stops a nation’. I haven’t actually seen it stop much – not since 1973 in Port Douglas in Far North Queensland. I had a couple of things planned for the day. First was a new meeting in Urunga in the CWA Rooms.  I picked up a birthday present from my Post Office Box on the way and now have a Handbag Hanger. A Kimmi Doll Hanger. By the name of NAMI.  I have never had a Handbag Hanger before. I have a collection of KIMMI DOLLS and Nami is a beautiful white haired one but I don’t know whether or not she can hold up a handbag as big as my CONSIDERABLE EMBARRASSMENT CRUMPLER bag.

I took the back road out to the Shack and then I took a side road off the back road.

When I hear my mouth say the words SHORT CUT , I wish my mind would intervene.

It’s a bit cool today but I have Summertime Heart beating and Summertime Soul yearning. Guess that’s why I took the back road through the swamps and into the bush and then the side road through country where me and Odin, the Staffordshire Terrier ( protector of women and children) used to go play amongst the rocks in the old quarry. Lots and lots of hidden things are rising up and I am finally finding some way in my little white charade to start reclaiming lost bits of my self.

I watched the Melbourne Cup on TV out in the Bush with the other Nana and the Mum and the Cheery Redhead. It might not have stopped the whole nation but it wasn’t a bad way to pass an afternoon. Izzy and the Redhead wrapped it up with a playdough lunch and now I am home stitching another hitherto missing bit of my self back on and keeping the Summertime Heart beating for a few more hours.