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ON THE eBENCH : Watch this Space. I am going for one month of writing in the 3rd person ( more or less). Describing a photograph or topic. That should be interesting. Post of 250 words. Leaving ME out of it.(more or less)

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THE YAAN : There is an animal sanctuary  at Currumbin on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Its renowned for Lorikeets’ feeding time. They also feed kangaroos. Lots of kangaroos. Currumbin has jabirus and  eagles and all manner of Australian critter. It has snakes and lizards as well. Currumbin is only a couple of kilometres into Queensland. Just past Tugun. Tugu \n has a good OpShop. A Vinnies.

There were storms in the area in 2006 and the  rich people’s houses and pools slid down the Hill into the crocodile’s pond. Salty, the Croc, wasn’t located for a bit. He’s BIG. A BIG croc is not something you want to be unable to find.

Currumbin is on the Gold Coast and is part of what Guy Knight called a Linear City. The Coral Sea aka the Pacific Ocean runs along the Line.  So does the Gold Coast Highway.

There’s a big old extinct Volcano just down the way. The plug that is left is called Mount Warning. Just about as many kinds of Australian critters live in the Caldera and round the Rim as live inside the wire fences of Currumbin.

Specially surfers. Gold Coast is Surfers’ Country. One of the suburbs is called Surfer’s Paradise.  Its to the North of Currumbin. To the South is Rainbow Bay and Fingal. Heaps of Surfers there as well. John (J.B.) Barker was a Rainbow Bay surfer.  He died last year.  Something wrong with his heart. J.B. liked music and surfing and being clean and sober.

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