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3 MAY 2011 : DAY No 123 of 2011: BOWRAVILLE. Always one must ask, `What is the best and most loving thing I can do?’


BOWRA PO The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW 1842-1954), Saturday 6 August 1870 2

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), Saturday 6 August 1870.


A year back, I took a drive out to Bowraville. I wanted to re visit the FOLK MUSEUM. where years back in the 1970s, Tony B and I had placed some of the artefacts from our WHITE ROSE TRADING COMPANY in URUNGA.

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I live in the Village of Raleigh, and Bowraville is South and a little West of there. It is, in fact, in a different Shire. A different local council area. We are in the Bellinger Shire and its over the invisible border and in the Nambucca Shire. I first encountered Bowraville as a kid when we came North for annual holidays. We were always based in Urunga – where the rivers meet the sea. From there we took drives round the countryside. Bowraville featured in some of these drives and because we did this mid Summer and because its one of those inland heat holes like Bellingen, Grafton and Kempsey, I remembered it only as a place of great thermal suffering with an edge of fear as we drove through the Mish and were assaulted with tales of horror by the parents.

Another reason that I wanted to go back last year was to see what the town is like now. It has a hard name due to the 3 murders there and racial tensions. Just lately I had been hearing of people moving there and of cultural shifts and I wondered what was happening.

I wasn’t there long. Just an hour or so and the Museum was as fascinating as I recalled. One of those Museums where one room leads to another and then to another till in the end, distance and time are all muddled as they ought to be.  There were cafes in the street and the POST OFFICE had a gift shop attached which was a hotchpotch of oddities. Another bonus.

I know people living on the edge of town now. One of them has alpacas. Another has miniature horses.

BOWRAVILLE COMMUNITY NEWS. That’s a pretty impressive newsletter. Answers today’s question rather well.

Always one must ask, `What is the best and most loving thing I can do?’

I found a couple of videos filmed in the old BOWRAVILLE THEATRE.


Always one must ask, `What is the best and most loving thing I can do?’

I am back from lunch at Bundagen. That’s the Tuesday Café. Went with Kati B and the Baby today and it was another beautiful meal.  I could stay there and not come back into the straight world at all.

Now, with a quiet household here ( that means me and Leo the horse and a few odd birds plus the cat) , I am taking another look at Bowraville sites. I figure there’s still problems out there but I can find a few good and loving things which are being done – in Bowra and thereabouts.




Bowraville is located in New South Wales, Australia. This historic township has a great museum that is well worth a visit. All photos in the video above were taken by John Boom and are being presented by Australian Pictorials:



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