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Topic 6: are you stressed out?

The Australian Women's Weekly , Saturday 12 February 1944

Yes, indeed, I am stressed out. Stressed out because I am fighting the unfighteable. Namely the weather.

I am stressed out. That surprises me. Thought it was another rather shallow topic and then when I sat down, I realised that somehow I am stressed out. My cheek is tight with grimacing. My forehead is gloomy. My shoulders are tensed and I wonder how it came to this.  I also live with someone and I am rubbing up against them as well.

I had best take some steps to reduce the tension.  Its to do with WANTING THINGS OTHER THAN THE WAY THEY ARE and WANTING PEOPLE OTHER THAN THE WAY THEY ARE.

I live rather a  minimalist life. Not as much as some but more than others but somewhere during this holiday season I have become stressed out. Internal stresses. External busyness. What is this about ?

I have just plunged into the internet archive which is one of my methods for de-stressing and I re-emerge now with this little gem from 1848. It is to do with Manhood but I have chosen it because of the conclusion. The author’s vision of what manhood would one day be.  How beautiful is this ?

Man’s manhood, a lecture (1848)

Author: George Morris
Year: 1848

The last feature I will mention is that of a deeply meditative spirit. There will be comparatively but little of the life without, . the being will be within. It will look deep into principles. Without shunning the world it will love seclusion ; — the re tirement of its own sacred depths, where it holds unheard converse with the secret truth of things. It will be often bending over its own thoughts to adjust their polished shaft. The man’s spirit will love to gather round itself the experience of the solemn past, the hopes and struggles of the busy pre sent, the mighty expectations of the pregnant future. Will oft be listening to the pale lips of things long buried — catching something of what they see and hear and do, now that they have gone hence and are to him ”no more:” reading the varied face of what now is with its prophecies of what shall be ; which prophecies, even as they are being fore-told deepen and expand and shape themselves from shadows into probable realities. All the experience he has gathered from’ men and books and things ‘ — from the faults and virtues of his own heart and life accumulate around him till he stand enveloped in it as in a cloud which moves as part of him: — a cloud of mingled hues ; some parts black, some filled with light, some streaked with prophetic fire, — all seen, all felt. Enveloped thus — thus built round about with truth- — thus experience clad, and bearing upon his warm, manly, naked heart the wants, the infirmities, the sorrows of his fellow men he will will go about the world holding sweet converse with whatever of earth is likest HEAVEN.

Topic 5: Do you prefer to talk or text ?

hear no evil

My default image for topics I don’t wish to respond to.  I get the new topic here in Australia when I wake up at 6.30 a.m or so. The Topics so far have left me disappointed on awakening but as the day passes I scrape up some thoughts about them.

However – to begin Day 5 – I go to the Default image.


I am rather off texting at the moment. I prefer Facebooking and Blogging.

Talking is a privileged communication for my nearest and dearest.

I really don’t like emails at all. Officialdom deals with me that way and I with It.