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february 26 2011 : Day No 57 : She went to her aunt’s house since she had no saree but her aunt came out wearing a rug.



She went to her aunt’s house since she had no saree but her aunt came out wearing a rug!


From bad to worse, when you think you are in a bad state and wish to live from mercy of some other person, you face the harsh reality that every one is living in a bad state!

Tamil Proverbs




MAX BARRY TECHNIQUE NO 9 : The Break of Dawn.

What: You wake, walk directly to your computer, and write.

Dawn is far more than broken. The Midday is even passed and it is late Summer hot. Lawnmowers have started up next door. Birds are squarking and the kookaburra is back in the front grasses fetching wigglies to eat.

The topic hit me a little hard because the realisation that other people also do it tough came to me late in life. A rare combination of self-pity and low self esteem kept me deluded for years. I thought everyone else handled life better than I did and had an unseen supply of abundance to which I was not privy.

Now I see that the Aunts wear Rugs.

What we do have in our family is a fine network of Aunts. My own Auntie Jean is a classic. Near 90 years old and feisty as. Penetrating wit and intelligence and dearly loved by me. She once told me I could call her “Jean” but that would entirely destroy the Auntiness of it all.  Aunties might not have sarees but they do very well in their rugs. I saw my Auntie Jean this week and might now be capable of organising a saree for myself. That’s the effect she has on me.