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MARCH 19 2011 : Day no 78 of 2011 : Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. Elizabeth Lawrence.



As the sun comes down
From the cloudless sky,
To end this peace-warmed,
Autumn day, a solitary fly:

The Big Lebowski.

Its Autumn on this side of the World. The Bottom of the World. The weekly photo challenge is SPRING but I shall do our inverted  season. Here on the Coast in the north of NSW there is not so much changing of leaves. Its Autumn now and the temperature at 5.15 p.m. is 25 degrees Celsius. We still have rain clouds but no storms this afternoon. I am wearing shorts and sandals and a singlet. That’s Autumn here in March.  Its still Daylight Savings Time.  And there is one solitary fly which seems to have taken a fix on me.

They say its SuperMoon tonight. The river was high when we drove into town this morning.  WILLYWEATHER keeps me informed on the Tides. 



MARCH 3 2011: Day No 62 : my joints know it’s not.

march mid 06 018

the frangipani leaves plop…plop……plop,

a slight, uncertain drum beat for a

glancing Autumn

half the garden thinks it’s Spring again

my joints know it’s not

Gina Lakosta


“My joints know its not.”

My passion for Summer was only minimally satisfied this year and I am brought prematurely into Autumn, so it seems to me. My joints trouble me. My fingers are twisted and my knees are weakened. Not that that is much to do with the particular season we are in. I just didn’t expect to be crippled in the ways that I am.

Maybe for people like me, Autumn is always unexpected, feeling premature and arriving against a determined effort to hold it back. My joints know its not Spring again.

The streets of South Murwillumbah have aching joints too. Even Roger’s Mechanics was gone last time I was there. In South Grafton, they have just spent a lot of money repairing the joints. It was almost done when I left there a year back. Streetscaped, is what they call it. A new Spring ? Seasons coming round again ?  Soon, I will be going up there for a day to collect the remainder of our belongings from Storage. I shall take a look then.

In the meantime, my own joints fail me somewhat. They KNOW its not Springtime again. Once again, I face Autumn and try to develop a taste for it.


MARCH 1 2011 : Day 60 : A ship in the harbour is safe, but ships are not built for this.



A ship in the harbour is safe, but ships are not built for this.

february 06 004

I first saw these words when I was sitting in a Parish office of the Catholic Church in Maroubra, Sydney. I was emerging from the ashes of my personal life and sitting with Sister Clare who had given me Phoenix status as well as bags of clothes and the frozen ‘priests’ dinners’ (the priests apparently preferred home delivery pizza).

Having been blanked out from most forms of wisdom for my 20 Rip Van Winkle years, I was often taken with posters and speakers and songs which seemed to bombard me with an accelerated maturation in the arena of “Wisdom”.

I had spent a good deal of my life trying to stay in Safe Harbours. Trying also to look good. Looking good was pretty much trashed by Life and no harbour seemed to remain ‘safe’. I took the 371 bus home to South Coogee with this message running around inside my head.

A ship in the harbour is safe, but ships are not built for this.

I grew up Methodist and rather thought that Priests and Nuns did not speak to ordinary people. In Sister Clare, I made a good and trusted friend. When money was very short in our new family life, as it usually was, she gave me the assignment of painting 50 Easter Cards for the Nuns for $50. There was a challenge. I didn’t know whether or not I could paint or even draw anymore but I had two children to take care of so I painted. Funny thing, choosing the illustrations for a Nun’s Easter Card.

When I was growing up Methodist, I was disturbed for years over the story of the 5 talents. I knew I was the one who hid their talents under something and hoped they would still all be there when the reckoning came.  Living as a timid neurotic is hard work.


I spent some time back then working out what kind of ship I was and what it was that I was built for. What was I meant to do ? Where was I meant to sail to ? What did I need to take on board ? What crew did I need ? What damage had I sustained ? What repairs were called for ?  Where was my home port ?  And then I set sail !

I am a little older now like the fine yacht UTIEKAH III in which I sailed in the 1970s.

I just located the UTIEKAH III Blog and beneath the image these words are written.


lynne footbridge3


Sorry, Nick, Got to go now.