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This is my favourite bench to date. It has the elements of benchiness which appeal to me. Chunky.  A little askew. Companionable. It looks to me to be a bench which has loved and lost. A Worn Bench in its own way.

I am here on the eBENCH early today. That’s due to my having a rare commitment in the straight world. i.e. a doctor’s appointment. I am not designed for commitments. I am not designed for doctors’ appointments. I am designed for freelance living. I have pretty much reached a stage of my life where I am able to live like that most of the time. Now and then – something comes along and the straight world and me collide.

First thing I do is sit down here and figure out whether I really want to do any business at all with that world and the answer is that I don’t.

Think I shall go visit the Baby and Her Mother instead. Drive up the South Arm Road along the River and sit in the sun. Sounds a more healing prospect to me.


south of wollongong 009

2010. I have rarely been South of Sydney in the last 20 years or more. Last year we took time to do the South Coast. “DO IT”. I was not looking for benches back then. I was just looking. Now I drag the figurative photos  out of the figurative shoebox searching for BENCH pictures to add to my collection.

So here is Minnamurra. I hadn’t been there since the 1960s when we used to go to Minnamurra Falls en famille. I loved the rainforests and the mystery of the walk up to the Falls. This time, we went to the village of Minnamurra. Didn’t see much there but I have nevertheless added the pic and noted the traditional bench. Beside the letterbox. Outside the shop. There is a chance its at a bus stop although I can’t see any real indication of a bus stop. It might just be the ‘sit down and have an ice cream’ type bench. Once again, as I see over and over, there is noone on the Bench. Empty benches.


Since I have been looking in the TROVE, I have come across BENCHES in the Old Newspapers etc so I shall bring a few of them to you this morning.

The first one is a bench stop. I don’t quite know what a bench stop is but :

bench stop The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld 1866-1939), Saturday 10 March 1923,


BENCH STOP. (1923, March 10). The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld.)


bench vice The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA 1889-1931), Tuesday 15 April 1930

Bench Vices. (1930, April 15). The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889-1931)

MILKING BENCH The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. 1866-1939), Saturday 26 January 1907

The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866-1939), Saturday 26 January 1907

BENCH AND TABLE The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. 1866-1939), Saturday 23 December 1922

COMBINATION TABLE AND BENCH. (1922, December 23). The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld

BENCH STOOLS The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982), Wednesday 10 November 1976

BENCH STOOLS The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982), Wednesday 10 November 1976

Handy bench stools to build. (1976, November 10). The Australian Women’s Weekly


the end of january 2006 041

With my newly acquired bench on the front verandah, I have been considering even more uses for benches. I am looking at it as a meditation place as well. So, I am taking a look back through the Pics and  I have come across the sleeping bench that Doug B and I made for Kati B in Bilambil where I was short of sleeping places. Doug did some drilling and prop making and we located a single door and popped my spare mattress on to it and there was the laundry converted in a moment.

Much better than the mattress on the floor where my ex-husband once woke with a dead mouse near his head.


029I am doubling up on the bench today. It is a very hot day and even young people were taking a break. As for me, my usual timidity kicked in and so I have my usual rear views of people who had been sitting on the bench. I was waiting in Bellingen outside the IGA for Kati B and the Baby.  It was on that Bench that a young man came up, lifted my hand to his lips, kissed it and called me Auntie.

032Today, a young fella was sitting there when I arrived. He had a guitar in a case, skateboard, suitcase on wheels and backpack. We chatted a while. He was hitching back up North to Brisbane to get rid of all his belongings and then to hitch around Australia. He had been in Brisbane during the Flood. He took my hand, shook it and said, “ My name is Jack.” Then off he went to Kombu to get some food for his hitching.  I love young people.


It was one quiet day in Bellingen. Very hot. Just Garbielle’s dog waiting while she shopped.