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Jim developed into a very funny baby boy.  He could always make people laugh and did a good Chad Morgan impersonation. We went camping one night in 1982. Perhaps 2 nights, Once to Digger’s Camp on the Clarence and once to South West Rocks. We didn’t do very well either time and almost stabbed one another with the tent poles. The Picture on the tent bag showed a smiling happy family erecting the tent easily but we didn’t manage to do that. It was more like spears. 

On the second camping occasion a wild wind hit and the children almost blew away in the tent. We gathered coins and retreated to a motel for the night. 

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We moved into a wee house in Urunga. A little old yellow cottage.  Cass and Kate grew more and more into being twin cousins and we laughed and played while the men went to work on the Railways and RTA.  Once a month my parents travelled to Sydney where my father was employed by Neeta Homes.