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30 APRIL 2011 : DAY No 121 of 2011 : EASY DOES IT.



I am a good deal more cheerful and well balanced today. Maybe the cliché use is beginning to work.

I am a child of the Protest Era so obedience doesn’t come easily to me. Nevertheless, one month of Cliché use is well worth another go  – specially since it had worked so often for me before.




Easy Does It (1940)

Afternoon to you. Its still rolling over in waves of cloud and rain as it has been for days now. Nothing like the USA and other disaster sites. But irritating.  Its worth taking a look at the EASY DOES IT link above. Its from the Prelinger Film Collection on INTERNET ARCHIVES and is about women in the 1940s.

Easy does it is a fine concept for a driven, hypervigilant person like me. Its added years to my age. In a good way. Extended my lifespan might be a better way to put it. Easy does it. I use it together with the NOTHING IS URGENT.

Today I am watching the young girl from two doors along as she goes looking for Leo her horse. He’s down in the Front Paddock. She’s only had him a week or two and they’re just getting to know one another. She goes easy at it. Gently and slowly. The paddock’s pretty wet at the moment and she has a couple of small watercourses to cross in order to reach him. Her young man waits for her up at the top fence and she takes her time. Gives Leo a treat or two. Leads him down to an easier gate and will bring him up the driveway. Its not so flooded.

Years back I saw old Tom with a horse. He was a gentle man ( probably still is) with a fierce demeanour. One of the lasses was trying to force her horse into Pony Club obedience and he lost it, took charge of the horse and had it whispering back to him in no time. Just like this young girl and her Leo.

Easy does it also echoes Roger’s saying about lowering my standards. Not asking so much of myself and life. It makes a day easier to do. Since I adopted this technique, I find that I rarely injure myself or get bruised or cut. Those little bumpings on the way through life don’t happen very often. Our speed limit here in NSW is mostly 100 kilometres per hour and Guy was one for saying to me as I hurtled along – “ 100 IS THE MAX, NOT THE MUST.” It means I do not have to drive through my life at Maximum Speed. Which is good because I only have a 1992 Charade.


  • with how I do things
  • how I speak to myself and others
  • with what I expect from myself and life and other people
  • with my judgements and views on things
  • in my eating, shopping, loving, desiring
  • in my ambitions
  • in my thoughts about the past, the present and the future
  • in my work life and play life




Nice Yaaning with you. I am out of here now. Have to meet some people up in Bellingen.

Do it easy, my Friends. DO IT EASY.