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I don’t know a lot about Bastille Day. I did once when I was studying French at High School but that was long ago and long ago’s gone.

I. myself, am in no mood for storming fortresses of any kind. I am totally on the Bench today. Feet up on the wee footstool I have and watching Leo, the horse. He’s standing at the front fence in much the same way as I am sitting here. Head drooping. Ears dangling and eyes half closed. I hope its not the dreaded Hendra Virus.

Mine isn’t a virus – just a deep relaxation. A post crisis collapse. This, then, is freedom. With ClassicFM radio playing and  one horse to watch whilst I think of little girls and cities.

I rarely have enjoyed a winter. I came north many years ago with the determination to not be cold again. This year is colder than we usually have and our Cottage is not a warm cottage. And yet, I am in many ways enjoying this Winter.

Years ago, I was watching Margie Boney fish and I envied her her ability to be still. I have that ability now and I take excellent care of it. I like myself very well in the midst of stillness. There is something very still about Today. Even the fiery Leo is simply standing there. I am watching him and he is watching me.

Today, I am off duty.

How odd is this link to BASTILLE DAY Celebrations ?


It feels like Bastille times to me when I am less at rest.

I had best not agitate myself into a Bastille Storming Mood today. Relaxation is my personal pledge despite the LET THEM EAT CAKE attitude of present times. I did have something happen in the last fortnight which caught my attention. I won two tickets to a Formal Dinner to celebrate Sawtell’s Chilli Week. $100 per head. I didn’t want them. I don’t like the obscenity of the LET THEM EAT CAKE world.I offered them to people I knew, to anyone on Facebook. I offered them everywhere I knew – and NOONE wanted them. Noone wanted any part of it. Not the Cost, the wank value – nothing. I was rather touched by that one.

And now for sheer pleasure. Leo has moved. The calves are coming up from the Garlic. The chooks are at the glass doors and its cold. I had a weekend ahead of me which looked URGENT. I cancelled ALL OF IT.

I am fortunate enough to have been alive when MONTY PYTHON came to Earth. How good is that ?

Oh Oh. This sitting has its own heartbeat stirrers. One of the calves has left the field of garlic and is now in Leo’s paddock. Leo is a racehorse and unaccustomed to cattle. The Calf has got itself into the wrong paddock. Trying to reach its mother but come through the wrong section of fence. This could be interesting.  One white cattle egret is following the calf.

In the meantime, while I sit here and wait and watch, here’s a classic french piece of joy and delight.


Well, the Farmer came and fetched the calf and all the other cattle as well. I think they’re going into the paddock over the road where they’ve built a new solid fence after the flood.

Netwise, I joined GOOGLE+ last night and am experimenting with that. I am also resurrecting my old LIZZYFOREAL animated GIF site. That was my pleasure in early days of blogging. Its been dormant for a couple of years but I am taking another look.