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5 MAY 2011 : DAY NO 125 OF 2011 : LET IT BEGIN WITH ME




Passivity – chosen helplessness – over-waiting. Waiting for the other person to make the first move so that the Blame Game can start. The Doormat that Bites. Victim.

I am most frequently a Waiter. Waiting for Nudges that make sense to me. I like that about myself. But it can lead me to waiting behaviourally and emotionally as well. I am 5 days into a self made promise to myself. Do a cliché a day – no matter how trite they seem. No matter how uninteresting or uncool they look.


Only when we have removed the harm in ourselves can we become truly useful to others.

If I want courage in my life – then I need to be courageous.

If I want gentleness – then its up to me to be gentle.

These are tough calls.  What do I want today ? I know I want some dignified responses to the situations I am in. And I know I want laughter, love and ease with family who are coming to visit. I know I want freedom from the tensed stomach and rising bile of aggro. And, as my Libran horoscope says for the day – Nothing short of total and complete honesty will do – in any category

so, just for now, that means I begin with

  • dignity
  • response
  • laughing
  • loving
  • being at ease
  • finding a way to untense the belly
  • and begin to let go of the aggro. Find a solution for aggression which has skuzzed its way into my day.
  • total and complete honesty

Let it begin with me


Let Change Begin with Me.

If there really is to be a movement, a change towards sustainability and living a green simply lifestyle – let it begin with me. This is the mindset and approach we need to adapt if we as a community, world and species are to survive in the future. We must lead by example and not merely words – let actions and deeds take precedence over talking and inactions.


Is realizing a better Earth a mere cliche or euphemism? Not when each of us acknowledges and acts upon the belief that a better Earth “begins with me”!

A better earth: let it begin with me!




I’ve been in to town to do a little shopping. It’s a little town and I did a VERY little shopping. Just enough for family coming tonight. Now, I can sit back down and see what needs to begin with me if I want to bring them into my day. I begin with a quiet meditation.

dignity : No fishwife. No begging. No borrowing money. What would be the most dignified thing to do next? Best keep right on meditating. I am able to at least look dignified at times. I found the Joe Cocker version of DIGNITY. Explains a little of why I have trouble finding Dignity at times.


response: How do I respond to the events of today ? Wait. Make a Call. Relax. Keep right on meditating.

laughing : That’s one thing I might be able to do. A child is coming to visit. And that often brings laughter with it.

loving :  done. against my will. but done. being at ease :  Check reality. That will do the trick.

finding a way to untense the belly: Classic FM. Old TV shows and deep breathing. Done.

and begin to let go of the aggro. Find a solution for aggression which has skuzzed its way into my day:  Time seems to have helped with it. Not doing anything undignified seems to have helped.

total and complete honesty : I shall temper the honesty with the reading from the other day.

“Sometimes we need to place love ahead of indiscriminate `factual honesty’. We cannot, under the guise of `perfect honesty’, cruelly and unnecessarily hurt others. Always one must ask, `What is the best and most loving thing I can do?’ LETTER, 1966. W.W