BELLINGEN MARKET DAY. I almost didn’t go due to cold and grey skies but off we went and the town was PACKED. Cars all over the place. I’m still not sure why quite so many people came out and about but they did. The featured band was the NINTH CHAPTER. We bump them a goodly bit. Izzy MCed the FLAME TREE FESTIVAL in Grafton when they were on and once we stumbled across the trumpet player at Coffs harbourside Markets. Then Izzy encountered one of them as his case manager during his brief period of unemployment.

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I was intending to go up the mountains to Armidale today. I changed my mind. I’m glad of that because there was a bad smash on the connecting road today and someone was killed. All the traffic was re-directed right back down the mountain.

I like Bellingen Markets. Today, I liked the clothing. It was a cold and gloomy day and people were rugged in all manner of garments and colours and footwear.

This time of the year led me to rockbottoming in my life 24 years back. The months of descent and despair. It still arouses those emotions in me. I descend like the Demeter Persephone combination – every year. I have done a lot of ‘ inner work’ to avoid it but every year, it happens again. I rather think that its meant to be that way for me. I once married not long after the end of July. That shows what can happen when a Descent becomes intimidating.

This year, I am. so far, less intimidated by it. Witness Mode, as they call it. Most of the time, I am in Witness Mode.

The Camera helps with that. The Camera takes me out and about and backwards in time. I gives me an implanted feeling. Today, I went to Hungry Head and Urunga, took some pictures and recalled a time 55 years back when an old hermit gave me a handkerchief. Folded. Lacey. Pretty. I wanted to live as he did. Someplace in a cave by the sea.

Those memories take me a little deeper each year and give me a belly middle point to take me into the next 6 months. There is a purpose to descending.  Not a lot of gold lies around on the surface.



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