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kate tad


Kate and her father, Tad.


In 1979, we moved into the flat next door to my sister’s house. Not actually next door. She was, by then. with her 2nd husband and the two little girls who are my nieces. They had spent a year in Mt Tom Price at the big Western Australian mines and that gave them enough money to buy a house in Urunga and on one side of that house was a flat in which we lived.

Her husband took a job on the RTA ( Roads Traffic Authority) and my husband worked first in logging with his father and then joined the NSW Railways as a fettler.

We washed nappies and  took the babies to the Sea Lido in Urunga. We visited with my Mum and Dad who owned a home unit in Morgo Street near the mouth of the two Rivers into the Pacific Ocean.

1979 – a year of respite – in its own way.