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MARCH 26 2011: The bones of Mother and Grandmother remember when this whole country was one big kitchen where the pantry was never empty.

Dark Secrets

Jeanine Leane, Wagga Wagga, NSW


I don’t think I will be doing the Gem Collection for April. The topics are too hard. Bummer because I put the Topics together myself.

The Bones of Mother and Grandmother.

I do have some pics of my Mother and Grandmother and today, some cousins of mine, the Gainges from the Macleay Valley, are going to Frederickton Cemetery to look at graves of long gone Grandparents.


I was going to write about cornfields and such but the day ran away with me. I was going to write about fishes and eagles and raptors and sugar cane. Now, its late and I am too weary to think even of pumpkin vines let alone the tales from further back.

30 1 the bells 1933


40 2 joyce jessie & jean

That’s my Mum, my Nana and my Auntie Jean.