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JANUARY 25 2012 : They’re fancy talkers about themselves, writers. If I had to give young writers advice, I would say don’t listen to writers talk about writing or themselves. Lillian Hellman.



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Council Road Closures

Updated: Wednesday 25 January at 8:35am

The road closures Council is aware of as at the time of the last update are listed below.

Most watercourses and low lying areas in Bellingen Shire are currently affected by flooding.

This list is not comprehensive due to the wide spread nature of the current flooding and many other roads are likely to be affected by flood waters and storm damage.

Motorists are advised to be aware of these conditions and drive carefully. Motorists should not attempt to drive along roads which are covered by water.

The road network will progressively be inspected by Council staff and this web page will be updated, based on these inspections, as reports are received.

Waterfall Way

East of Bellingen, between Short Cut Road and Bellingen – ROAD NOW OPEN WITH CAUTION


NOTE: accident 3km from top of mountain, road open under traffic control

The following roads are closed:

Darkwood Road at Leans Bridge 1.2km from Waterfall Way.

Kalang Road at Moodys bridge at 2km from Bowraville Road.

Bridge Street at Lavenders Bridge at Bellingen.

Bowraville Road at Kalang River near Hains Lane.

North Bank Road at Slarkes Bridge approx 3.7km from Bellingen.

Valery Road – Eastern end near Keevers Drive and near Raceway.

Moonpar Road closed at 3.5km from Tyringham Road, Dorrigo.

Bowraville to Bellingen Road Bowraville – About 17km south of Bellingen – Nambucca LG Area – Landslips




Its quite a nice flood really. Sitting here at home, it’s quite nice. Going on rather long but lacking in violence and storms or the threat to the house. So it’s a little dreary and rather chilly and there’s water between us and getting out of here but – it’s quite a nice flood. The power is still on and the internet is working and no snakes have appeared on the verandahs. The only hairy patches were crossing the wee barrier of flood yesterday and John the Canadian from next door  towed the Starwagon through on a rope so that was briefly experienced.

The white pony looks a little miserable but she’s munching her way through the paddock and has a tree for shelter from the occasional downpours. We have skies full of black cockatoos, the GangGangs which warn of flood and we have dozens of lorikeets and other smallish birds hanging out round the back feeders of the cottage but the big waterbirds seem to have all gone. I do not know why. The unnerving part is that the rain keeps coming and keeps coming.

In the Meantime, I’m watching the A TEAM and chatting and waiting for the frogs to start up croaking again.



AND THEN BELLINGEN CANCELS AUSTRALIA DAY DUE TO THE RAIN. I don’t do Australia Day, myself, but talk about weak knee-ed.

ABC Coffs Coast

Bellingen Council has postponed their Australia Day celebrations at Urunga tomorrow. A revised Australia Day will be held at a date to be advised. #nswflood

This is the Spirit. Eungai about 3/4 hour south of us.

Eungai Creek Post Office & General Store

You don’t have to go into town to shop – we’re open till 5pm and maybe we’ve got what you need! Call in and say hello soon! 🙂

Also open tomorrow – fresh bread delivered by 9am, fresh free-range local eggs in today, fresh milk today as well and maybe freshly baked Date Loaf slices for tomorrow!

24 AUGUST 2011 : ESTAP : 4. Something, such as an ornament or a figure of speech, that resembles a flower in shape, fineness, or attractiveness.

4. Something, such as an ornament or a figure of speech, that resembles a flower in shape, fineness, or attractiveness.


Morning, All. When I looked at today’s definition of FLOWER, I thought to myself – what could be more like a flower than this fine moment in my cricketing against grandchildren career. The Flower of Ulmarra. That was me.

Today, I have a grief counsellor coming to see me. I called her in. I hope she doesn’t tell me to climb Mt Kiliminjaro as one did in Murwillumbah following the death of my mother in 2001. I was already climbing my own mountains at the time and was in need of Shangri-La.

Today, I know I am wandering somewhat through Grieving and  need some assistance. Areas of my life have blossomed and are now faded and wilting and done. Bit like my sunflower garden which looked splendid for a time and then SAGGED. I got in there and chopped some out but there are remnants which need to be dug out roots and all and a few odd plantlings which just might be the beginning of something new.


11.22 a.m. Ah. Now and Then, I meet someone I like. I have just experienced a Now and Then.

We sat at the round table on the front verandah and yaaned. The birds came and the cats. She took me for an elderly aboriginal woman. That delighted me as it always does. She is coming back next week and I am glad of it.  I am going to spend some time now writing Faerie Stories for my Girls.  First a few more ‘flowers’. 

Lets start with one of my Dad’s favourites. PETER DAWSON and the ROSES ARE BLOOMING IN PICARDY.





FLOWERS The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), Wednesday 26 October 1977, FLOWERThe Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), Wednesday 22 May 1957,

The Australian Women’s Weekly (1933 – 1982), Wednesday 22 May 1957