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69 paxton ave flood 01_Fotor


Paxton Avenue flooded in 1969. We were told it was something to do with the gates of Warragamba Dam being opened but I only have the myth in my memory and I don’t really recall the details. In any case it most certainly flooded there in mid suburbia. No rivers. No creeks – just canals. Drainage canals.

We went wandering barefooted in it. I had my hair extremely short by then to be done with the curliness. Note the brick houses. All of them in Paxton Avenue, The Vellermans lived next door and actually added a storey which was unheard of then. Vellermans were Jewish so we expected them to do odd things. They had a shoe factory up in Belmore and had survived WW11 in Europe. One day, when the first jet broke, the Sound Barrier Mrs Vellerman ran out into the yard screaming. She thought the bombs had come.

It touched me even through the self obsession of adolescence and the distance of Australia from War.