1981 – JIM

I have included this shot even though I think its 1980 because its one of the family legendary shots take in the yard of my sister’s home in Urunga. My parents, my sister’s family and me and mine.

scan0003 (2)




In 1981 Jim was born. A quick birth like his sister’s but moreso. He was a character as a baby and he has remained a character and a joy. We moved in from the farmhouse to a unit in the block of units where my parents lived. Tambar Court opposite the Caravan Park in town and close to the shops and the waterfront. I won’t be writing much about 1981.

These years of the early 80s are painful years for me to write about and so I shan’t. Years filled with bright promise and hope which were consumed by the Monster.

2 thoughts on “1981 – JIM”

    1. I think its more that I have written and talked it out enough. Now I am distant enough to be on the lookout for the good things I haven’t looked at as frequently. He were a cute baby boy.

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