1985 : things begin to change

Things began to change around about this time. I went to AA for the first time. I became more and more physically ill from drug and alcohol abuse. I had a hysterectomy in Port Macquarie Hospital and I went on methadone not long before that. Seemed to be the worst of times.

3 thoughts on “1985 : things begin to change”

  1. wonderful (in a nice way) to read somebody else s story about your days – my story is so similar that it is not funny…….I really connect when you mention long periods when you cant really remember what happened ……..i have such huge gaps in my life…..i can remember funny little moments during a certain era, but not before or after it…..there are huge gaps in my memory…..dosnt worry me now except when i try to put my life story together……it is really great that you are doing your story like this……i have been trying to put mine together but am still hung up on letting other people (mainly family) know the nitty gritty……not so much that, but I didnt want my kids in some strange way thinking such a lifestyle was glamourous and following in my footsteps…while I am not ashamed of my life, I guess there are things I did that would not be a good role model for my kids……anyways, must get back to never ending studies…….xxx

  2. I want to share something with you…

    How I found ’64 years on the Bench’

    So there I am sitting at my computer, Friday (31.07.2014), a pure duck wet weather day, in Hobart, doing a Google search for ‘All Things Shellharbour’.

    You see, my (unofficial adopted mother) lives at St Georges Bay with her daughter and 2 grandchildren. Her 67th birthday is coming up in August 2014 and unbeknown to her, I am heading up (I hope she doesn’t accidentally find your page) .

    Anyhoot, during my Google search for ‘All things Shellharbour, I saw a listing for a wee little cake shop ‘Paris 2 Rome’, I looked at some photos of the shop (via google), liked what I saw and tried to find their webpage – it seems they don’t have one.

    However, in the search results, I saw 64 YEARS ON THE BENCH | the life of an elder woman on the bench. Okay, show me that – WOW – WOW -WOW. Well bloody done. You express your story beautifully.

    after (speed) reading through your some of your story bits, I thought to myself’ “Okay, I have to let this lady know – Your story rippled all the way down to the shores of Hobart, Tasmania – simply because I was looking at Shellharbour.”

    Thank you for sharing your life and I hope you don’t mind me posting my woffle on your page

    Sugar Rebel (internet name)

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