The worst and the best. In 1987 , my addiction stepped up and fell down bigtime. It was the year of what I was to come know as rockbottom. Quite unable to go on any further. In the August of 1987, I gave in – lost everything including the Kids and my Mind and LEFT. Went to Sydney on my 9th wedding anniversary on the Red Rattler overnight train. I was picked up by my brother and the baddest man in the world and dropped at the McKinnon Unit of Rozelle Mental Hospital into what I now know was a detox unit.

Then life began again.  A clean and sober life and a transformation. In 1987 I went to DETOUR, a women’s halfway house, into the Langton Drug and Alcohol Unit in Surry Hills and then into my own Silver Lining at Bondi. Cliffhangers – where I began to get well in Meetings.

Everything changed

7th Birthday Party out at Kalang in April 1987 before I went to Sydney to Rehab.

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