I scored near the top of studious activities all the way through school and was a prefect etc. 1967 saw the end of Wiley Park Giirls’ High School for me. and it was wrapped up with a Formal dance. I went with Len Bennett, the love of my life and my sister, Susan who was 2 years younger came along even though she was at another school entirely.  She very often accompanied me on outings. She was with someone called Ken and my friend with the coiffed hair is Carolyn Weaver who lived around the corner and she is with Trevor Jones. I think they married later on. Susan and I were in home made clothes. My Mum was renowned for her dressmaking and cooking. I didn’t know in 1967 that Susan resented the home made garments and wished she had store bought clothes. My hair is again ironed straight and I may well have slept with panty hose over it to get rid of the curls. I seem to be qwearing an orchid. We were at the tail end of a lot of traditional behaviours such as dates bringing corsages. Susan has a famous lurex top and the watch necklace my Mum treasured.